Agricultural Applications

Trana Discovery Agriculture Platform


Trana Discovery uses a platform that identifies a unique tRNA, or transfer RNA, required to build new proteins essential for a fungus to multiply and spread. We can develop a screen that discovers inhibitors of this tRNA. By inhibiting essential tRNA, critical new proteins are not built and the fungi die. Trana technology allows us to target a unique section of that tRNA, the anticodon stem loop (ASL)  and stop at the fungi growing while not harming the plant or other living cells.


The genetic coding of the ASL is extremely diverse among species of organisms. In fact, our Trana bioinformatics experts have found that pathogens use very specific tRNA(s) in their RNA replication that are not used by any other organism. Therefore, new fungicides will be able to selectively rid the fields of resistant fungi in a very “green” fashion. Discoveries will be very targeted and will not sterilize a field thereby robbing the plant of essential nutrients and trace elements that are supplied to the roots by beneficial fungi , molds and beneficial yeasts.

Target Application: Leaf Wilt Disease in Bananas


Today, over 400 million people in the developing world rely on the banana for one third of their daily caloric intake. The old “leaf wilt disease” fungus is back and this time it is resistant to every available fungicide. In the 1920’s through the 1950’s the world banana crop was almost entirely eliminated by this fungus. We avoided the destruction of all bananas by planting a resistant variety of bananas. However, Mother Nature built a new fungus of the same species but this time it is a slightly different variety TR4 and it is multi-resistant to traditional fungicides.





Seeking Funding



Trana is seeking funding to develop a platform targeted to the new resistant fungus that is killing the banana crops around the world. Trana will develop a platform in less than 12 months that will bring about a discovery of a new fungicide at the end of that time. That lead discovery can then be licensed into an entire new class of fungicides capable of eliminating this fungal disease from the world’s farms.


Proven Technology


Trana Discovery has proved its technology by producing two discovery platforms for HIV and Staphylococcus aureus for the pharmaceutical industry. Our intellectual property is highly protected and we have an excellent management team with more than 400 years of industry and academic experience. We also have a proven track record working with NIH and various government agencies.


Exclusive Licensing Opportunities


Trana is currently pursuing collaboration and licensing agreements with agriculture companies, academic institutions and other organizations for its assays, lead chemistries, target pathogens, and indications in the areas of fungal disease control. For more information, contact us at or call 1-886-390-3452.




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