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Staph Aureus News: Emerging resistance to vancomycin by Staph aureus will require new treatment options

This thorough review at F1000 Med Reports examines the increase in MICs for vancomycin by Staph aureus resulting from the ongoing use of vancomycin as the treatment of choice for suspected MRSA infections in the hospital setting. As expected, selective pressures are slowly causing Staph to become resistant to vancomycin over time. In turn, alternative approaches to management of MRSA, as well as VRSA, are needed. Discovery of entirely new classes of antistaphylococcal agents with novel mechanisms of action is a potential solution.    Read more at: The Trana Staphylococcus aureus 201 High-Throughput (HTS) Assay identifies compounds that inhibit the essential use of a S. aureus unique tRNAArg that is required for protein synthesis. Learn more about the assay at:


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